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Who will win the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Classic? Well that is a tough one, cause of the names who are in the tournament and I’m not really sure who will. Right I believe I know who will win it all.



Just got done watching Smackdown, TNA and ECW. Let me start by saying that Smackdown was from top to bottom the best show of the week. Everything about Smackdown was excellent from the matches too the backstage shit. The best match by far was. Hold your breathe…The Tag Team match between Deuce & Domino vs. the champs Brian Kendrick & Paul London. What a match London did some moves that blew my mind. The other two matches that stood out to me were Benoit and MVP plus the main event. TNA was good when Jeff Jarrett came back, I’m not a fan of his but it was cool. ECW wasn’t bad the best match on there was CM Punk’s match with Richards. And RAW, well was RAW like the past couple of weeks it sucked.

Ok lets play a little word association game.  Demolition, Steiner Brothers, The Road Warriors, Kronic, Shawn Michaels & Diesel, The Twin Towers, Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson.  Now what do they all have in common with each other ….two words Tag Teams.  It made me think of where are the good tag teams at.  Couple of weeks ago when I was watch Smackdown Brian Kendrick & Paul London wrestled and it was a good match.  But what about a great team I think not.  Cause for one reason there isn’t any in either  WWE or TNA that could hold the wrestling boots of the ones I refer to earlier. Team 3D and LAX are not bad, but in WWE no one come to mind.  Only team if you can call them that are The Brothers of Destruction they could obliterate them in a second, but WWE wants them to wrestle in singles which is good too.  Hell I would love to see Mexico’s Most Wanted or  Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling’s The Demon’s Rejects, in the WWE or TNA  that would be remarkable.  Maybe in a another life time but not this one.

Thank god that the WWE has signed Teddy Hart. I cannot wait to see him in the WWE. I think he could have great matches with Rey Mysterio, Jimmy Wang-Yang, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. And when Gregory Helms get back after his injury. And hell he might make so others worth watching like The Miz or Stevie Richards even Matt Striker. One last thing with Teddy Hart having sign with WWE maybe Jack Evans will be in the ring with him or again some of the people I talked about earlier.