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Who will win the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Classic? Well that is a tough one, cause of the names who are in the tournament and I’m not really sure who will. Right I believe I know who will win it all.



Well I said a few months ago that I was giving up on wrestling well I’m back into it again hell what can I say it’s in my blood. There are couple news items that I wanted to talk about one is Vince McMahon wants wrestlers to be better actors well Vince how about wanting better wrestlers not actors I mean get guys that can wrestle first than they can learn how to act later don’t get guys like Mark Henry, Mike Knox oh wait they all ready have those guys and others who suck like them. I think Vince should get a couple of new guys like A.J Styles, RVD but if he wants better actors that are wrestlers get back guys like Booker T, RVD and I hate to say this Christian. Cause for one I don’t think Brad Pitt, Christian Bale or Matt Damon can wrestle hell they might be able too, plus they might do it better than guys on their roster right now. The last thing I wanted to talk about is the new character called Suicide that TNA wanted to debut last night at the their PPV. I guess he is from their new video game which is cool in a way. I haven’t played the game yet so I don’t know if it sucks or is the best wrestling game of all time but I doubt it. But from what I can see from the promos that they are running he looks cool and if it’s true that they want Frankie Kazarian to play him that is badass too. The worst part about this is he is injured now but I hope that TNA doesn’t mess this up like WWE would. I’m glad there will be a cool looking new mask wrestler in the big leagues now and yes TNA is big time.

With the WWE releasing guys left and right now day’s god I hope that Viscera, Val Venis, Chavo Guerrero, The Miz, Snitsky, and Matt Striker, Hardcore Holly all get their walking papers. The simple fact of the matter is that they all suck and are a waste of roster space. They could fell the void of space with Indy guys such as Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, The Briscoe Brothers, Jason Gory, The Gambino Brothers, Hallowicked and many others. They could even steal stars form TNA like Abyss, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Homicide or others. In other words release the losers I mention earlier and get better guys.