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July’s Indy Star of the Month



April’s Indy Star of the Month

War Machine is and are a great tag one of the current best that are out in the wrestling world. The team is made up a the big man Hanson who moves like a cat. And his partner is Raymond Rowe is a powerhouse him self they both are so damn skilled it’s not even funny. The first time I seen them was in a promo from ROH and I couldn’t wait to watch them. They had that it factor for the what is a great team size, power and skills in the ring. Cause for me in my area ROH wasn’t on T.V. until about a 15 months ago. And when I was able to see them in action they blew my mind. They reminded me of my two favorite tag teams Demolition and The Road Warriors and holy shit I wasn’t disappointed at all. Do I think they should be in the WWE? Yes cause I don’t think one team could stop them, they are just that good. I’m praying that they don’t go cause I don’t think the WWE would use them right and I think they would make them do a complete 180 in their looks, attitude and the main thing is their skills as a tag team they would dumb them down. So in closing War Machine are not just a good team, they are a phenomenal team. They deserve to be champions where ever they wrestle.


Hanson: 6′ 3″
Raymond Rowe: 6′ 1″


Hanson: 280
Raymond Rowe: 240

Debut: 2014
Finisher: Fallout (Belly-to-back suplex (Rowe) / Diving leg drop (Hanson) combination)

Titles Held:
Brew City Wrestling Tag Team Championship (1 time, current)
Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
VIP Wrestling Tag Team Championship (1 time)

Promotions they worked for as team:
Ring of Honor
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Noah.
Just to name a few

For more info on Hanson check out his Instagram page

For more info on Raymond Rowe check out his  Twitter page or Instagram page

March’s Indy Star of the Month

Will Ospreay is what I would call a wrestler that blows my mind. When I first saw him in action in Revolution Pro Wrestling a few years ago, I lose my mind saying why isn’t he in the WWE or for that matter TNA in there is X-Division. Then I realized he’s in a better place because he is currently signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor (ROH). I mean I would like to see him go up against people like Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Bobby Roode, Jack Gallagher or Neville just to name a few. Thou I would say guys in TNA but most of them are probably going to be in the WWE soon. The guy has won championship in other companies like the ROH World Television Champion also is a former Progress Wrestling Champion and was the winner of the 2016 NJPW Best of the Super Juniors tournament. He is an awesome wrestler that people should know about his nickname The Aerial Assassin fits him good.

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 194

Debut: 2012
Finisher: 630° senton

Titles Held:

ROH World Television Champion (1 time)
Progress Wrestling Champion (1 time)
Lucha Britannia World Championship (2 times)
Revolution Pro Wrestling British Cruiserweight Championship (2 times, current)
Revolution Pro Wrestling Undisputed British Tag Team Championship with Paul Robinson (1 time)
Future Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship with Paul Robinson (1 time)

Promotions he worked for:
Revolution Pro Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Combat Zone Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Future Pro Wrestling
and a few more

For more info on him check out his Facebook page or his Twitter page

February’s Indy Star of the Month

Chance Prophet is a wrestler that I have been following for years. He is has been on the scene for over 15 years and has made an impact. I think Chance could do great things in the WWE or in TNA full time. I would like to see him go up against A.J. Styles again cause he did wrestle him in TNA which was a awesome match, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor or Randy Orton in the WWE. And when he was in TNA take a look at who he’s went up against Christopher Daniels when he wrestled there, plus Abyss, Eric Young and Shark Boy just to name a few. So I think that he should be on T.V either in Orlando or in Connecticut. He would have some phenomenal matches in those companies.

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Unknown

Debut: 2000
Finisher: Doomsayer (bearhug-ddt)

Titles Held:
NWA National Heavyweight Champion 1 time
NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Champ 2 times

Promotions he worked for:
National Wrestling Alliance
TNA Wrestling
Ring of Honor
Pro Wrestling Unplugged
NWA Wildside
NWA Bluegrass
NWA Main Event
Mad Pro Wrestling
IWC/TNF in Kansas
Gen-X Wrestling

Among many others

For more info on him check out his Official Site