About The Torture Rack and T-Rack

The Torture Rack website was started back in 2008 by myself “The Phenomenal Monster” T-Rack, I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 20 some years. I was also the host of The Torture Rack Podcast which was in the world of wrestling podcast for over 5 years but I decided to stop doing that. I also did work on the now dead Gods of Geek website and was the co-host of the now dead Gods of Geek Podcast podcast with my good friend Tangent.

From late October of 2012 to now I’ve came back with The Torture Rack.com a site now that well be bout pro wrestling. I will be giving my views and opinions on the world of pro wrestling, also I’ll be sharing various videos of wrestling from the past to the present. So be sure to subscribe to the feed to be up to date on the my dark world.


  1. Phoenix71 says:

    Yo T-Rack you need to watch X-men fist class already, best X-men movie yet post what you think of the movie!

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