Who will win the first ever WWE Cruiserweight Classic? Well that is a tough one, cause of the names who are in the tournament and I’m not really sure who will. Right I believe I know who will win it all.

I had to think really hard because you have names like Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Lince Dorado and Tony Nese taking part. And then you have Indy legends like Tyson Dux, Zack Sabre Jr. stepping in a WWE ring for the first time hell all of these guys are. Plus you have former WWE stars Brian Kendrick and “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri joining the fight along with former TNA star T.J Perkins aka Suicide / Manik who also wrestled as Puma in Japan. But the whole thing can be a tough choice for any fan to choose a winner but I think I know who well win it all and that is KOTA IBUSHIi. There are so many reasons I believe he will win and the main reason besides everything he has done in NJPW. He has fought one of the best wrestlers ever The Phenomenal (One) A.J. Styles in some awesome matches in a side note he’s the reason I call myself The Phenomenal Monster but the monster part is from Abyss but that is for a different blog. But back to why I think Kota Ibushi will win. He has beaten Finn Bálor who is great in his own right and he has fought the great Shinsuke Nakamura in so many awesome matches. And the way the WWE introduced him was last just watch the video down below maybe like they say the saved the best for last. Overall I think it will be a great tournament and we will see many future WWE stars.

Kota Ibushi in action


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